I love film.  The beauty, the history, the vibrancy of shining images on a big screen.  I am a disciple of the medium from the great artists of the past to the current masters of film craft.
I've spent over 14 years honing my craft in post production from the commercial world of Chicago to the film world of LA and for clients all around the country and world.  
I'm a colorist and artist first, a finish and vfx artist second and a strong partner in mastering, distribution, and formatting of film or video based assets.  Currently my favorite pet project is restoring old features from the 30s, 40s, 50s.  
You can also find me grading short films, music videos, features and commercial work all with an eye to image fidelity, beauty and pushing the limits of technology.
I'm a dad of two amazing kids in Long Beach, California, a collector and lover of old paperbacks, a music and film history nerd and a lover of all things esoteric and off the beaten path.  
In my spare time, I'm a mad scientist with scanning, developing and experimenting with medium format and 35mm film.  
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